CFIR - Denmark; a hot spot for development and implementation of financial services and IT

Denmark; a hot spot for development and implementation of financial services and IT

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​As a fintech cluster organization, Copenhagen Fintech is often asked for information about the Danish financial market, including business potential and references to players. To help both national and international actors, we have worked with stakeholders and with PA consulting to develop the description in this section of the homepage. Rather than providing factual information about the finance it industry in Denmark we have tried to focus on general and specific positions of strength. Factual information is updated on the following pages (The Danish FSA, The National Bank of Denmark, FA, The Danish Bankers Association): We hope to supplement the description with short presentations of companies, organizations and research institutions in the different areas.

Copenhagen Fintech has together with stakeholders and experts in the financial sector and IT sector in Denmark identified four positions of strengths that make Denmark attractive for Finance IT activities. 

Here you can explore the four Danish characteristics that impact the Finance IT sector and make Denmark stand out. 

  • Competences: Strong competences demonstrated by e-readiness, the workforce and research
  • Culture: A distinctive Danish culture that enables a high degree of cooperativeness, a significantly low power distance and a high degree of trust throughout the societ
  • Information: Benefitting from a unique identification retrieved from the Civil Registration System and a strong history of data collection enabling open data opportunities 
  • Innovation: Denmark has strong innovation capabilities and combined with an incremental user-centric approach has made sound innovations. 

Learn more about the Danish financial sector; 

  • Asset management: Denmark has leading asset management funds 
  • Pension system: The world’s best pension system 
  • Mortgage system: A unique, robust and competitive mortgage credit system 
  • Banking: Strong online banking, payment, and infrastructure solutions
  • Fintech Startups​: Many new players and ongoing analysis of market potential

Denmark has made unique innovative digital solutions that stand out internationally. Take a look in each sector description to learn more.

The examinination of the position of strenghts of Denmark has been composed by Copenhagen Fintech and PA Consulting.


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