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Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Resear​ch (CFIR) is Denmark’s finance IT and fintech cluster organization. 

CFIR is a non-profit association open to companies and organisations with interests within the finance IT area. CFIR develops research, innovation and education within financial technology. CFIR initiates projects and analyses and uses professional knowledge to stimulate debate.

The Innovation Network for Finance IT and CFIR are having five focus areas. Companies, which actively participate, will thus have privileged access to knowledge and contacts. It can be a matchmaking for concrete projects, finding project partners, and obtaining resources for the development of research- and innovation collaboration with universities.​

The five focus areas are:​​​

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CashlessWay is an Italian organization that works on promoting and supporting the digital payment culture and the use of cashless payment instruments. Its mission is to support and promote the use of cashless payments and increase the awareness of the potential that ePayments holds. In Italy, cash is by far the preferred transaction method and makes up a total of 83% of all transactions. This is significantly higher than in Scandinavia and it is 16 percentage points higher than the European average. ​ 
Then the Fintech Innovation Camp - São Paulo, Brazil might be for you. The Trade Council and the Innovation Centre of Denmark in São Paulo  organizes an Innovation Camp in cooperation with the Danish Trade Council. The event takes place on October 3rd-5th 2016. The price is 9.500 DKK per company (max 2 participants). The agenda (see here) presents facts and facets of the market in Brazil and its institutions with ample space for matchmaking with potential partners and customers. The camp targets primarily SMEs and the deadline for registration is June 24 2016.  
Nordea will once again team up with fintech startups as part of their accelerator program. The first Nordea Accelerator programme ran during the winter 2015-2016 and twelve startups were selected to develop their ideas in cooperation with Nordea. This time around, Nordea will be running a 12 week programme starting in September 2016 where the startups can choose to work at Nordea’s sites in either Stockholm or Helsinki.​ 
For Get F’IT Finance IT Tuesday on May 31st 2016, we have invited new and established financial actors to present and discuss new trends and methods within investment and capital market space, such as automated trading strategies, algorithms, and quantitative risk reduction.  
Money 20/20 Europe in Copenhagen had several surprises – one of them was the revelation of the "Manifesto for Cashlessness", setting out how countries can move towards an era of digital-only money.​  
On April 26 2016, CFIR hosted an event focused on the current developments within crowdfunding – the same day as Nordea announced the launch of their new equity crowdfunding service in Helsinki. The audience at the monthly Get F’IT could enjoy international speakers from Helsinki and London and an interesting discussion on how crowdfunding 2.0 services can supplement each other.​ 
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Reserver eftermiddagen den 24. august 2016, hvor professor Peter Sestoft, ITU og medlem af erhvervsforskerudvalget fortæller om ordningen. ErhvervsPhD-ordningen er attraktiv for både virksomhed og kandidat. Den 24. august 2016 bliver der mulighed for at høre mere om mulighederne på fintech området.​​​


This year's Finance IT Day will be held on September 15, 2016 at Industriens Hus, in Copenhagen. The Finance IT Day is CFIR's annual conference and this year the conference is co-organized with DI Digital. The Finance IT Day addresses decision makers in IT and business development.​


"The financial services industry has an increasing reliance on ICT. The strong standing of Denmark in this area indicates that there could be a strong potential for Copenhagen to increase its standing in financial services."

CEO, Professor Michael Mainelli, Z/Yen

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