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Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Resear​ch (CFIR) is Denmark’s finance IT and fintech cluster organization. 

CFIR is a non-profit association open to companies and organisations with interests within the finance IT area. CFIR develops research, innovation and education within financial technology. CFIR initiates projects and analyses and uses professional knowledge to stimulate debate.

The Innovation Network for Finance IT and CFIR are having five focus areas. Companies, which actively participate, will thus have privileged access to knowledge and contacts. It can be a matchmaking for concrete projects, finding project partners, and obtaining resources for the development of research- and innovation collaboration with universities.​

The five focus areas are:​​​

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​Following the path of governments and regulators in the UK, Australia, and Singapore, Bank of Thailand recently announced its plans of implementing a regulatory sandbox. The intention is to create a regulatory sandbox that will be used as a testing ground for fintech companies. Bank of Thailand hopes this will open opportunities for product experimentation, enhanced innovation and the possibility for companies to ramp up their scale.  
In order to ensure the best conditions for the new venture in COPENHAGEN FINTECH, the position as CEO for COPENHAGEN FINTECH will be advertised and the position is to be filled by 1 October 2016. Read more here.

The #NoCashTrip Europe ended on June 27, 2016 at the Emerging Payments Associations annual Pay360 conference in Liverpool. The conference brought together an international PayTech community and focused on three core theme: Retail, Mobile and Banking.​ 
​CFIRs Get F’IT meeting on June 21st 2016, hosted CashlessWay’s #NoCashTrip Europe stops in Denmark to meet with a diverse group of speakers from the Danish Bankers Association, Nets, and Coop Tech. This group represented different perspectives ranging from a societal to a customer and retail perspective, which all are affected in a cashless society.​ 
CashlessWay is an Italian organization that works on promoting and supporting the digital payment culture and the use of cashless payment instruments. Its mission is to support and promote the use of cashless payments and increase the awareness of the potential that ePayments holds. In Italy, cash is by far the preferred transaction method and makes up a total of 83% of all transactions. This is significantly higher than in Scandinavia and it is 16 percentage points higher than the European average. ​ 
Then the Fintech Innovation Camp - São Paulo, Brazil might be for you. The Trade Council and the Innovation Centre of Denmark in São Paulo  organizes an Innovation Camp in cooperation with the Danish Trade Council. The event takes place on October 3rd-5th 2016. The price is 9.500 DKK per company (max 2 participants). The agenda (see here) presents facts and facets of the market in Brazil and its institutions with ample space for matchmaking with potential partners and customers. The camp targets primarily SMEs and the deadline for registration is June 24 2016.  
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​Danmark er verdenskendt for samfundets unikke obligations baserede realkreditmodel til finansiering af ejendomsmarkedet. Hvordan tegner fremtiden sig for fortsat at kunne benytte modellens unikke egenskaber? Og hvordan er mulighederne for at kunne fortsat udvikle modellen?​ Get F'IT sætter denne gang fokus på innovation inden for realkredit, hvor der stilles skarpt på det store overblik og prognosticere fremtiden. ​ 
Realkreditdagen er ved at blive til en årligt tilbagevendende tradition. I år sætter vi fokus på den nye realkreditmodel, likviditet samt benchmark og merafkast for danske obligationsfonde. 
​Cyber Security is of growing political importance – also on the European research agenda. While the policy focus is rightly on developing a truly digital single market, with fast internet, big data and cloud take-up; this digital revolution can only work if security is at its heart. Joined-up efforts are needed to deliver the necessary industrial and technological solutions through, cooperation, new R&D investments and innovation. 

This year's Finance IT Day will be held on September 15, 2016 at Industriens Hus, in Copenhagen. The Finance IT Day is CFIR's annual conference and this year the conference is co-organized with DI Digital. Finance IT Day is the yearly event where front runners in the field of finance and IT gather for knowledge-sharing and networking.


"The financial services industry has an increasing reliance on ICT. The strong standing of Denmark in this area indicates that there could be a strong potential for Copenhagen to increase its standing in financial services."

CEO, Professor Michael Mainelli, Z/Yen

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